Contract Farming

Contract Farming

Contract Farming of Bacopa Monnieri/Brahmi

Over the years of longstanding efforts Manipal Group made significant efforts in the field of contract farming. Manipal group owns land for cultivation for certain medicinal plants in Karnataka. Manipal Natural has a large group of farmers cultivating medicinal plants in thousands of acres in different states of India.

Manipal Natural has contract farming of Bacopa monnieri/Brahmi

  • Contract farming with farmers of Bacopa with buy back agreement.
  • Manipal Natural recommends farmers for high yielding varieties of Bacopa and mostly preferable variety, which is best suited for Bacopa monnieri/Brahmi extraction.
  • Manipal Natural supports farmers by providing free agronomical consultancy from planting to final harvesting.
  • Manipal Natural procures final harvested Bacopa from farmers after testing for pesticides and assay content.

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